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What to do to upgrade your Mykonos Villa Rental

Congratulation on your rental! Mykonos is one of the top travel destinations right now so theoretically you can make big money of your rental. If you don’t, here are the secret to outstrip competition: Services!!!

So here are some services that they ‘ll make your Mykonos Villas Rental outstand the others:

Cooking services

Who wound not enjoy having a professional chef in his modern kitchen? Nobody wants to cook during vacation and that is a fact. However, more and more athletes, celebrities, influencers or ordinary people want to follow their food routine during their holidays. Give them this option by providing cooking service! Remember that the suitable chef must be able to satisfy everyone’s taste (vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, multicultural cuisine etc.). You can also include cooking services or a buffet not only for an everyday basis but also for a birthday party, a wedding ceremony or a business celebration that could take place in your rental!

Beauty services

‘’Mykonos!!!’’ This is an ordinary yell during a party in a Myconian beach bar or club! Instagram feed and stories are full of beautiful people that are entertaining in the island during their stay. Why don’t give them the option of professional services for hair and make-up while they stay at your Mykonos Villas Rental? Don’t forget that Mykonos is the island of nightlife so take advantage of this reputation and incorporate it in your services by making collaboration with the best beauty professionals of the island! Allow your guests to feel like celebrities and make major preparations before their night walks at the local bars! Everyone will be happy and you will get all the credits!

Babysitting services

Yes, parents with very young children are not a rare phenomenon in the island! Mykonos is the island of parties but it is also a great place to find amazing beaches, meet local people and get enthusiast by greek hospitality. As a result, many families choose Mykonos for their holidays. Do not forget to serve well these guests, too! By providing babysitter to this type of guests, not only increase your services but also your credits as every parent will appreciate this service! But be careful! You have to cooperate with a professional English speaker baby sitter who has the experience with kids of all age groups! Find someone really trustful and responsible. You don’t want your reputation get ruined by an irresponsible student who works as a part-time baby sitter!

Transportation services

It seems obvious but not all rentals provide trustful transportation! You should do it!  Allow your guests to explore the whole island by themselves! The most important is to have different kinds of vehicles! From buggy vehicles to motorcycles and from jeeps to limos you have to satisfy every taste! Do not forget that if you are on vacation mode you may want to experience something different! It would be great if someone choose to organize a party in your Mykonos Villas Rental and make a great entrance in a limo that was organized easily by you! This will be the best ad for your property! Also, you can combine this service with arrival and departure transfer by/from the airport or the port.

Signature services

Last but not least is a signature service! You can create a service that will be unique and it will characterize you as a Rental. Let your imagination free and think what is the one and only feature that makes you different from the others! Is it the view? Then buy a giant telescope to enjoy the night view! Is it the garden? Then organize gardening lessons! Think out of the box and be sure that your guests will appreciate it! If you are looking for one of the best Mykonos villas rentals agency click here and you won’t be disappointed.

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